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It is a sign of great trust when a company, an organization or institution tasks an It is a sign of great trust when a company, an organization or institution tasks an agency with working on its brand. And what can it mean when the same organization entrusts a rebranding of the same company for the second time in several years?
In the case of the Pomeranian Academy, which has just become the Pomeranian University in Słupsk, it is an expression of complete confidence that the project has been a success. The transition of the academy to a university means not only a higher quality of education, better recognition in Poland and abroad or an increase in the number of foreign students. It is, above all, an increase in competitiveness in a difficult educational market and considerable prestige for the university, the city and the entire region.

We have been asked to demonstrate this change but this time the rebranding process is much more complex and profound, and our work involves many aspects and activities. Dozens of meetings with authorities, institutes, students and various types of units operating within this university organism allowed us to dive really deep into the Pomeranian University brand and learn about the (sometimes hidden) insights. The surveys we conducted among the university's students and staff, and the strategy workshops generated valuable information that translates into concrete tools.
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