Amazing things are happening here. 
  • For 14 years now,
    Rio has been an intersection for different perspectives
    and points of view.

  • Each stage of our work is where the understandable and tangible
    meets the non-obvious and surprising.
  • We believe in honest, strong brands 
    and that authentic beliefs attract people 
    sharing the same values.

What we do at Rio:

  • palma.jpgpalma1.gifcreate We bring brands to life and help them find their rightful place.
  • tukan.jpgtukan1.gifdevelop We believe in strong brands, developing solutions to make them stand out.
  • motyl.jpgmotyl1.giftransform We adopt new visions, define goals, and establish strategies, nurturing brands at every stage of their existence.
How do we do it? We are curious, taking a close look at brands and exploring their DNA, while also examining their context from a broader perspective. At very stage of the process, we combine knowledge and strategic approach with imagination and intuition. Through this mix we can put forward suprising solutions that work and engage. As a result, the brands we work for gain character, look well, and perform better on the market.
  • Research, analysis and insights Research, analysis and insightsEvery branding project at Rio Creativo is preceded by an in-depth analysis of the brand's situation and market environment. A lot of focus is placed on the planning and discovery stage, which is required before anything is materialised.

    A combination of strategic and design competences is at the core of our work. We are aware of the fact that strategy is mere intuition without consumer insights or data and that without solid foundations no project will reach its full potential.
  • Strategy Strategy As branding practitioners we always think with the brand. What does it mean? Above all, planning big, acting with the long game in mind, and answering the question of "why". Creating the illusion of knowledge and making belief-based assumptions is easy. That is why we start each project from scratch and why discovery is such an invaluable part of it.

    This helps us thoroughly understand the thing we create. When drafting a strategy, we understand the challenges that lie ahead and the actions that must be taken to reach the goals. When we suggest workshops, they yare aimed at broadening our knowledge or generating ideas.
  • Design and creation Design and creation Design is more than just a collection of nice images as far as we concerned. It is also a set of tools, forms, and media as well as the process itself. It must involve usability, practical application, and a better life. These things are taken into consideration at every stage of brand building. It is our conscious choice to frequently switch between the physical and the digital as we believe that these two domains constantly intertwine, thus adding a new dimenstion to communication.

    Based on design, we develop the brand's visual language to solve each project's most challenging problems.
  • Visual identities Visual identities Good branding  needs strong visual identity in order to be clear. It makes a brand stand out, helps customers identify it quicker and easier, while also manifesting its unique qualities and values the target group can identify with. It facilitates a lasting emotionals connection.

    Our goal is to crete vast visual identities that meet their objectives and fit their context well.

    Are you ready to grow your brand?
  • Packaging design Packaging designThe phrase "packaging is your best salesman" may be a cliche, but we believe there is more to it. As far as we are concerned, packaging tells stories, and stories sell products. Each manufacturer wants their packaging to stand out and be a key driver of sales that connects buyers to the brand story.

    The packaging we design is often manufactured in millions of units. Therefore, we want to promote solutions that help reduce materials, size and weight. Even though a perfect material does not exist, our smart solutions pollute the environment less and have a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Brand consulting Brand consultingConversation is at the start of all. It often reveals that business strategy and brand strategy are not on the same page. At Rio, we bring them together so that your business goals can be achieved. The strategic intersection of business management and marketing is where we take action.

    In the relationship between business and brand is well understood, it is the key to a sameless rebranding process.

Who is it for?

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  • rio_foto_www_marcin.pngrio_foto_www_marcin_2.png Marcin Zgórski Managing DirectorFrom Warsaw by birth, in Słupsk by choice. Graduated from the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science and completed post-graduate studies in Psychology of Advertising at the University od Warsaw. Gained several years of experience in client service departments at various-sized advertising agencies, working primarily for network clients. "Marek and I have always had a lot of common topics to talk about, even despite taking a break and living in different cities for a few years. At a certain point in life, an idea was born to return to Słupsk with our families and build a company here. This is how Rio came to be 12 years ago."

    Marcin Zgórski Managing Director bio
  • rio_foto_www_marek.pngrio_foto_www_marek_2.png Marek Guziński Managing Director / Creative DirectorRio co-founder. Designer. In love with brands and branding. In charge of the creative departament, which always approaches brand strategy and positioning with design and execution in mind. Believes that working with brands is an ongoing but fascinating process, especially when it is carried out with a team like the one at Rio. Basketball fan. Sometimes a chef.Marek Guziński Managing Director / Creative Director bio
  • rio_foto_www_iza.pngrio_foto_www_iza_2.png Iza Bojanowska-Guz Project Manager Has lived in Słupsk for about as long as Rio existed. A background in economics and management saw her studying at two universities of technology: in Koszalin and Gdańsk. Throughout this time, she had been busy professionally. Thanks to working in the public and private sectors alike, she has a complete understanding of both. She has almost 20 years of experience in working with clients from various industries and levels. Joined Rio in 2013 because she really wanted to. And if you want something really bad, you can do it.... so she does :) Her everyday life involves managing, planning, talking, taking care of things, advising, and enjoying her work. As some clients say: she's a real marketing superstar :)

    Iza Bojanowska-Guz Project Manager bio
  • rio_foto_www_warcin.pngrio_foto_www_warcin_2.png Marcin Jakowczyk Graphic DesignerHas been involved in graphic design and street art for years. Graduated in Visual Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. Passionate about funk, disco and jungle music. A music selector by night, sharing his favourite tracks. If you see him passing by on a racing bicycle somewhere, remember to wave hello. At Rio, he enjoys his professionals life by carrying out brand projects. Marcin Jakowczyk Graphic Designer bio
  • rio_foto_www_marta.pngrio_foto_www_marta_2.png Marta Zarzycka Graphic Designer Graduated from the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Academy od Fine Arts in Gdańsk with the bachelor's degree. What she highly values in her life is the fact that her work is more than just a boring chore. She hopes everyone can do what brings them satisfaction and lots of pleasure, especially wher overcoming difficulties in everyday life takes so much strength and energy. She likes to be very vocal about enjoying various delights, her favourite tune or other things that make her "grow" from all the emotions ;) Marta Zarzycka Graphic Designer bio
  • Klaudia.jpgKlaudia.jpg Klaudia Radzewicz Project ManagerOriginally from Słupsk, although she also spent a few years in the land of windmills and tulips. The youngest member of the team in terms of seniority and age. A graduate in Human Resource Management, she continues her studies at the Faculty of Management and Marketing at the University of Gdańsk. Has worked in different industries, but it is at Rio where she can spread her wings. Organised and open-minded, she loves heavy music and coffee with milk, which is not that common at Rio ;) Klaudia Radzewicz Project Manager bio
  • paulina_1B.pngpaulina_2B.png Paulina Szczepańska Graphic Designer Designer by education and passion. From time to time, she had pursued happiness in different parts of Poland but then always came back to Słupsk, where she finally settled for good. Joined Rio in 2012 as its first employee. During her career, she had the opportunity to design bicycles and work for corporations, but Rio is the place where she fells the best. Paulina Szczepańska Graphic Designer bio
  • Gosia.jpgGosia.jpg Małgorzata Sokołowska Project Manager An artistic soul with connections to theatre since childhood. Winner of multiple acting awards. She boasts exceptional levels of positive feelings and creativity. She loves working with others and she is great at it. An active member of the community, she organises events and various projects related to culture and leisure activities. Also a board game enthusiast. Małgorzata Sokołowska Project Manager bio
  • Chcesz do nas dołączyć? Napisz na: biuro(at)riocreativo.pl

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