Health and fun.


Fragnar is a new brand on the market of natural dog chews. The concept was created with four-legged friends of pet owners in mind - Frania and Ragnar, who have become the brand's heroes.


Natural dog chews are not only a form of snack, but also an element of training and effective satisfaction of canine needs. Unsatisfied needs can lead to boredom or, on the contrary, aggression and hyperactivity. Pet owners' awareness of dog nutrition is growing, which is why they opt for natural, high-quality products. That's exactly what Fragnar chews are like.
When designing the visual identity for Fragnar, we had in mind the values it represents. It's not just about highlighting the natural character of the products and their simple ingredients, but also about fun and activity, which are guarded by Frani and Ragnar.
Visual Identity

Marek Guziński
Marta Zarzycka
Klaudia Radzewicz
Marcin Zgórski

1 frania i ragnar.jpg2.jpg3logo-naklejki-i-pies2.gif4psy naturalne gryzaki dla psów23.jpg5ilustracje 1a.jpg6paczki naklejki2.jpg7ucho królika.jpg8opakowania2.jpg9zbió® opkowan2.jpg10prosty layout.jpg11relacje insta.jpg12posty2.jpg

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