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Pozdrowienia z Centrum Pomorza.


A city of medium size, situated in the north of Poland. Halfway between two big centres – Szczecin and Tri-City. When we asked random people what associations they have with the city, most of them replied: „none”. Its residents, on the other hand, have a very positive attitude towards their town or are even in love with it. Koszalin.

The formula which has been functioning so far – „Koszalin. Full of life” has burnt out. The slogan was too general and ineffective as a carrier of strategic principles of the brand, which resulted in the lack of clear and distinctive associations.

The consultations, which have been carried out among residents of the city for almost a year, have been confirmed. A series of meetings with local business representatives, non-governmental, culture, science and sport organisations as well as other circles was summed up with a report. And this is how the concept for „Koszalin –  Centre of Pomerania” was born – and Rio’s task was to translate it into the language of communication. From our point of view – as branding and design consultants – it’s an advantageous situation when communication can be based on facts rather than aspirations.

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