Tradition and modernity.


Tanning and leather production are among the oldest craft methods known to mankind. People have almost always processed animal skin, which was further used to make clothing or footwear. And even though the tanning market is changing significantly these days, there is still a group of people who do appreciate top quality leather itself as well as the end product – and are interested in traditional processing methods. There are also places where the traditions of leather production are still cherished. Places where passion is contagious.

Our cooperation with the KEGAR tannery – a brand well-established in the industry, started with discussions about its evolution, development and mission, which is the desire to share knowledge. KEGAR wants to be the one from whom leather aficionados can reliably learn how the finished leather is made: the process and its stages as well as the crucial conditions for creating a top-quality product.

During our cooperation, we had the opportunity to witness the production many times, we learnt about the whole process, we saw each individual phase of calfskin treatment. As a result, the commitment and passion displayed by the managers of the tannery rubbed off on us and permeated into our work.

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