A local revolution in gastronomy.

Gastro Ninja

Gastro Ninja 

Gastro Ninja is an application designed by restaurateurs for restaurateurs, based on transparency, honesty, and mutual support. It is also a tool for customers who wish to actively support local gastronomy, offering them the opportunity to directly connect with their favorite venues. Unlike other online ordering platforms, which often rely on high fees and do not promote direct relationships between restaurants and their clients, Gastro Ninja focuses on closeness and cooperation. As a result, restaurateurs not only gain a tool for efficient sales but also build lasting relationships with their customers.


The online ordering segment and the gastronomy industry in Poland are rapidly developing, from food trucks to luxury restaurants, combining tradition with modernity. Technological progress, changes in customer preferences, and the economy drive culinary innovations, making it easy to order food.

How does it work?

With Gastro Ninja, every order turns into loyalty points, which can be exchanged for free dishes at your favorite restaurants. It's simple: eat, collect points, and enjoy freebies! Moreover, Gastro Ninja introduces a competitive element - you can challenge friends to Ninja-duels and fight for additional points and bonuses. With Gastro Ninja, every spent zloty is a step closer to tasty rewards.

From the restaurateur's perspective, Gastro Ninja can become a key tool in supporting their business in building customer loyalty and increasing their satisfaction.

Process and Implementation

Rebranding offers a great opportunity to refresh its image. The previous branding of Gastro Ninja did not reflect the realities of its market position and ambitious plans.

Further development required a new, tailored visual identity. Our approach was based on an in-depth analysis of the needs and expectations of both app users and restaurateurs. We reformulated the brand communication to better reflect its mission and values while maintaining the lightness and accessibility of the message. The new visual identity, which combines freshness and dynamism, distinguishes Gastro Ninja from the competition, while also emphasizing its role in promoting sustainable consumerism, for example, through the zero-waste function, which allows restaurateurs to save food from being wasted and customers to purchase it advantageously.

Visual Identity

Marek Guziński
Marcin Jakowczyk
Marcin Zgórski

Gastro Ninja


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