Greetings from the summer capital of Poland.


Ustka na fali” (the Polish slogan brings connotations of both the sea – literally “Ustka on the wave”, as well as of success – “Ustka on a roll”. “Ustka on a roll” is a concept for the promotion and communication of the summer resort. In 2016, thanks to the initiative of Rio Creativo, the project gained a new graphic layout. Far from being a typical logo, “Ustka on a roll” is a hallmarkof this popular Polish summer destination.
We strived to create a retro and lifestyle symbol to look well as both a tiny logo on a summer gadget and a large-scale print. The projects are already visible on the billboards located in the biggest cities of Poland. “Ustka on a roll” has also found its place on a sail of Maciej Rutkowski, windsurfing champion. As an #ustkanafali brand ambassador, he proudly presents the logo during competition held even in the remotest corners of the world and promotes his little homeland.
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