Repair! don't throw it away.


Have you ever wondered what happens to a broken washing machine or fridge after you return it to the electro-waste collection point? They just add to the size of the local landfill. We produce about 47 million tons of such waste every year.

These statistics have affected the awareness of equipment consumers. We can see it clearly in one of the most important consumer trends of recent years  “zero waste” – an attempt to reduce to the minimum the amount of waste in all areas of life. Environmental awareness in society is growing. We limit consumerism and try to protect the environment by focusing on better quality products. It also brings measurable benefits to our pockets.

Another trend is “the right to repair”. It forces manufacturers to extend the life of household appliances and audio-visual equipment and to provide information on spare parts and repair. By promoting repairs, we have a chance to reduce the number of new equipment purchased, and thus reduce the number of potential e-waste.

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