Aesthetics and functionality.


Figura Development is a company with aspirations that boldly entered the Koszalin real estate market. Our task was to create the firm’s brand concept and translate it to a brand identity system so that the clients and residents could associate their investments with the Figura brand.

Professional through and through

As a family firm, Figura Development places utmost importance on the quality of its endeavours and the same was expected of the new brand concept. The company mission is to build top quality modern flats and apartments that provide both comfort and safety. They care about every single detail and select only the best materials in Poland and abroad. Therefore, its buildings will be among the most aesthetically pleasing and functional in Koszalin. We used this practical approach to create a responsive website so that the people passing a Figura Development investment could quickly learn about the company’s offer on their mobile device. The remaining elements symbolise the high standard of the services provided by the investor and the consistent design reflects the clear direction they took in their first housing projects.

001_figura.png002_figura.png03 figura.jpg004_figura.png005_figura.png006_figura.png007_figura.png08 figura.gif009_figura.png010_figura.png011_figura.png012_figura.png013_figura.png014_figura.png015_figura.png016_figura.png017_figura.png018_figura.png019_figura.png
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