Patio furniture tailored for your comfort.

Doram design


Doram design is a Polish manufactory making top-quality, hand-finished garden furniture. Since 2002, it has been catering to each customer’s individual requirements to provide them with luxurious relaxation.

Doram furniture can be found in both exquisite hotels and private gardens belonging to those who enjoy leisure that not only recharges the batteries, but is also a pleasure in itself. Another key target group are architects designing leisure locations for the most demanding customers.


The decision to rebrand resulted from a number of factors, but the most important one involved a change in the sales model, i.e. closing showrooms in Poland’s largest cities to make the Internet a new home for the brand. This required a completely new approach. Neither the top quality of furniture, nor the customer service that went way above the standard were properly reflected in brand communication.

Brand strategy
Brand Identity




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