Rebranding that opens new horizons.


The real estate market in Singapore is renowned for its high prices and limited land availability, making it one of the most expensive in the world. Despite the high costs, it remains robust due to strong demand from both local and international investors seeking stable returns. This creates an ideal space for brands like Crestbrick to thrive. Their mission to facilitate real estate investments not only in Southeast Asia but globally, aligns perfectly with our philosophy of creating brands with genuine value. Their unique “Pod-based investment” philosophy allows investors with smaller resources to join groups, thereby increasing their capital capabilities for purchasing more attractive properties.

Singapore is a place that combines many cultures, languages ​​and traditions, perfectly reflecting the global nature of our client.
The essence of the Crestbrick brand is to build a worldwide community of investors that create a legacy of impact who, create a lasting and positive footprint on the development of real estate markets. They understand global challenges and trends, leading to innovative solutions and effective actions. The investments and initiatives undertaken by members of this community are not just aimed at quick profits but at creating lasting changes that benefit future generations.
Crestbrick connects investors who share common values and goals, supporting each other, exchanging experiences, and collaborating on projects. Their activities include sustainable development, investments in education, health, renewable technologies, and social initiatives that improve the quality of life.

Our first step was to create a symbol that clearly and vividly represents these ideas, while also referencing tradition, reliability, and credibility.

The visual identity is fresh, modern, surprising, and light. It is based on the initials CB, from which the layout was created. Combining ideas and human resources opens new possibilities and allows for the creation of something exceptional. This defines Crestbrick.

The new logo is elegant and classic, simultaneously highlighting the seriousness and maturity of the market. The chosen color palette and typography highlight their professionalism and innovation, maintaining a well-crafted, modern, and international character.
Identyfikacja wizualna

Marek Guziński
Marta Zarzycka
Marcin Zgórski

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