Wiosna (Spring)

Wiosna (Spring) is a new movement on the Polish political scene, which, according to commentators, might become a threat to virtually all the key political forces. Most importantly, it could break the duopoly enjoyed by the two most prominent political parties in Poland – PO (Civic Platform) and PiS (Law and Justice).

Even the very name of the party may be a surprise for some, as it has no political connotations. The naming tradition in this category is much different and tends to be more elevated. But Spring carries strong symbolic overtones: it means change and renewal.

A clear identity and progressiveness are inherent elements of Wiosna’s brand DNA. Robert Biedroń is an LGBT activist, a Polish Sejm deputy, a former delegate to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. He also used to be a member of the local government and the Mayor of Słupsk. He entered the big politics with impact, but also put the cat among the pigeons.

Our assumption was that the new party’s identity must resonate with those who are fed up with the Polish-Polish war between voters, mobilize young citizens and non-voters. It should be a true testament to such values as regeneration of social life, modernity, openness and solidarity.

The task assigned to Rio Creativo was to design a brand identity system of maximum functionality which would also bring a breath of fresh air to the Polish political scene.

At the same time, the system needs to bear a clear, concise and vivid communication in all possible channels, most importantly social media, spectacular events and television. We made a conscious move away from the serious and solemn tone towards one that is more optimistic, joyful and fresh.

The founding convention of Spring was held in Warsaw on 3 February 2019. One week later, Newsweek reported that the latest poll gives Wiosna over 16% support. Its reach on the Internet was 17.5 million  / 73K mentions.