We Care

Diabetes is sadly classified as a modern-age disease – one that might affect any of us, regardless of our place of residence, lifestyle, age, occupation or skin colour. Currently, there are approximately 371 million diabetics worldwide. It is also estimated that in 2030 there will be as many as 550 million of them.

An issue of utmost importance in view of these statistics is the information and prevention measures that can be employed to raise awareness of the dangers of incorrect monitoring of diabetes and injuries resulting from handling sharp objects among healthcare professionals.


The We Care™ brand is the solution which satisfies these needs. It is an umbrella program developed by HTL-STREFA S.A., which is the world’s largest medical device company developing, manufacturing and exporting safe lancets, personal lancets and insulin injection needles.

We Care™ encompasses coordinated activities that help to build awareness using safe products employed in the treatment of diabetes by medical staff and patients. The strong slogan – “Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment” – combines the most important concepts of the We Care™ brand.



To date, the published communication materials, although substantively well-prepared, visually have had no coherent trend, and thus they ultimately failed to evoke clear connotations.

It was Rio Creativo’s task to design a visual identity that would become a showcase for this new program – as well as clearly separate the company’s product domain from its preventive actions.

This is how the sign was created – one which, in a light way, expresses arguably the most characteristic element for people suffering from diabetes, their friends and families as well as the staff involved in the treatment process. Each of them knows how important it is to have a regular blood sugar control, so the main sign is evocative of a fingerprint after a blood test. A typically “unfriendly” drop of blood is lent more positive connotations in the form of a heart at the puncture site.


There has been a tendency so far to associate the medical device industry with an image that felt corporate and mostly conservative. However, We Care™ breaks the mould in introducing unconventional and joyful communication. As a result, the mission becomes far more user-friendly for both patients and healthcare professionals.



Each and every person affected by diabetes is different, has his or her own lifestyle and needs. The brand mark is a flexible changeable element as different as any one of us, regardless of the disease. We Care™ brand shows that it is possible to tame diabetes.



HTL-STREFA is a company boasting more than 20 years of experience in the field of medical devices employed in the treatment of diabetes. It manufactures and exports safe lancets, personal lancets and insulin needles. Its brands are present in nearly 80 countries – and its daily output approximates as many as 10 million products.