Years ago the municipal authorities decided to build an aquapark in Słupsk. After a decade of investment and organisational difficulties, the long-awaited opening took place in July 2019.

Unfortunately, during the first 12 months of its operation, Trzy Fale (Three Waves) did not become as important a point on the city map as expected. So it was time to break the losing streak of this place and widely communicate its offer, which is after all rich and goes way beyond a few pools and water slides. It was time for rebranding – and a campaign along with it.

Trzy Fale, in addition to the classic water park attractions, also invites you to its rehabilitation, spa and fitness zone. In the complex you will find a restaurant and conference space suitable for smaller and larger events. So the Słupsk aquapark is definitely something more than just another city swimming pool and this is what we wanted to highlight more strongly when creating its new identity.

The variety of attractions of the water park is reflected in the wide range of colours that we used. The colours and their combinations surprise with their freshness, emanate positive energy and encourage you to be active. The whole concept is complemented by a new font, with streamlined shapes referring to the graphic sign and the general theme of water, which, naturally, is the leading theme here.

Before Trzy Fale obtained its new visual identity, we took the time to analyse the priorities and structure of the new communication. One of the objectives was to enter the urban space with a billboard teaser campaign. We decided to go for impact and send concise, intuitive messages. The final execution of the campaign was preceded by a dedicated photo session, in which the role of models was played by the city’s residents. In this way we implied that Trzy Fale is a meeting place for people of all ages and who prefer different activities.

We hope that, with our contribution, the Trzy Fale water park will strengthen its image as a place with great potential and a wide range of attractions.