Our task was to create a visual identification system, which would reflect an innovative approach to teaching. Before we sat down to the first pencil sketches, however, we had to answer one key question: how to look at school with the eyes of a child? It is noteworthy that this school stands out because, among others, it values dealing with emotions, creative problem-solving or the ability to verify facts as much as A in maths.

The main idea was to connect the worlds of children and adults using visual communication, and thus create a logo which would be worn with pride by both the school staff and the students. We already know the adult point of view, but in order to see school from a child’s perspective, we needed to approach the designing process from a similar angle.


The students themselves were involved in the creative process. In the first stage, we designed the typography of the logo — we chose the font without any colours or a clear graphic sign. Then we proceeded to printing the typography on large sheets of paper, cut it up, and…, with support from the teachers, we created a friendly environment for this creative experiment. Our little co-workers received raw, cut-up elements and set about colouring and arranging them in any shapes they associated with the word „ADVENTURE”.

During the whole day spent at school, we had the opportunity to talk to the staff and keep an eye on the students’ progress. The drawings we received were a reflection of a child’s point of view on their school. Their works were then arranged on one board, which we digitalised and went on to divide, turn, rearrange, match colours, adjust kerning and composition.

As a result, the logo itself was encased in the form of a logotype and a dot became the symbol of a hinge between the elements of letters. Much like the school does, it combines different personalities, but also proposes various forms of education and pastimes. Furthermore, the new visual identification system allows the school to put together symbols for any occasion, which opens up a wide spectrum for communication.

„Knock – knock! Who’s there?” – can be heard in the corridor. This unexpected visit from the students bearing hand-made thank-you notes. And finally, the school has a coherent communication, which it now employs frequently and intensively.

Check it out yourself!