Dune Resort


On the Polish coast, Dune Resort is the equivalent of luxury.

Located just by the seaside promenade, the spectacular building complex of 330 apartments has a direct access to sandy beaches. One cannot help but picture the summer mansions of the Cote d’Azur or the ones in the sunny state of California. The project is run by a Norwegian investor – Frimus Group. The modern architecture inspired by the seaside scenery has become an inherent part of the surrounding sandy dunes. The open spaces intensify the feeling of community with nature, and the apartments with a direct access to the beach and overlooking the Baltic Sea provide intimacy and independence. Attention to detail, use of first-rate materials and natural colours – all this reflects the unique elegance as well as the Scandinavian simplicity characteristic of these apartments. Beige, grey and white as the dominant colours, combined with noble timber species and high quality stone evoke the feeling of peace and harmony.

What’s more, the Dune Restaurant Café Lounge – a restaurant with a beautiful view over the Baltic sea offers a world of memorable impressions.




The aim

The goal we were  pursuing was to create a visual identity system that will highlight the prestige and uniqueness of the place. The biggest obstacle we came across was the fact that Dune Resort is managed by a number of independent rental operators.

Each of them followed a pricing policy of their own and narrated the resort’s brand differently, which generated incoherence in communication and perception of the venue. Various promotional materials displayed the place using different sign and so the offer reached a very scattered target group.

A strategic workshop was the turning point and resulted in detailed expectations regarding the brand’s positioning process. Together with the client’s representatives we established the brand’s Big Idea: Dune does not only

  • stand for a unique location
  • architecture
  • luxury
  • elegance

Dune is a lifestyle.

The solution

Dune is a place where a sensitive observer will notice the integration of seemingly contradictory substances, ideas and areas. Nature encounters modern architecture. The elements of earth and water merge together with the air. Passion goes hand in hand with simplicity and cool calculation.

With its universality, Dune remains a well balanced place open to various styles. The distinctive look of our design has been created by blurring the photographs of the waterside scenery. Bright colours are only an inclination of what is ahead…water, sand, sea breeze; all of it enveloped in mysterious fog or covered with a discrete cloak of silence or imperfect memory; Dune is a holiday, a rest, a joy for senses and pure pleasure.