Pomeranian University in Słupsk

This year Pomeranian University in Słupsk celebrates the 50th anniversary of its operation. For years of its functioning, the school educated mostly teachers, but due to the changing reality and new market needs its offer lost much of its attractiveness. The situation took its toll on the number of students, which indeed dropped significantly. In order to enrich the offer, the school authorities strive to expand the range of innovative fields of study, including engineering degrees.

The last year was one of dynamic changes and challenges for Pomeranian University. What turned out to be a milestone was establishing two new faculties and receiving a multi-million co-funding. The money will enable the school to launch innovative specialisations as well as build and equip several modern laboratories, in which students will get the opportunity to learn in a practical way, starting October 2018.


For a long time, the school authorities sought an effective method of showing young people and the future alumni the real transformation the campus in słupsk was going through and a way to build an engaged community around the school. This process also led to a realisation of the magnitude of the school’s image problem among students and the youth in general. And that’s how the idea was born to collaborate with us and to utilise our experience.




Our task was to come up with an idea for communication and to design a new visual identification system for the school. After workshops with the staff, analysing the materials and meeting with the students who were most engaged in the school’s life, we decided, both innovatively and boldly, to show the changes which were in progress and the new direction the school has taken; to present Pomeranian University as an educational facility, which gives priority to high educational standards, development and pioneering technologies as well as keeping in touch with its students, while still remembering about its humanist soul.




During the process of designing, we decided against the griffin, which, despite years of functioning, failed to become a distinctive symbol of the school and didn’t evoke positive associations. Instead, we focused on the acronym formed by the first letters of the Polish name of the school (Akademia Pomorska) – „AP”, which is extremely popular among the students and city residents. The new identification has two faces: a serious and low-key one for official communication purposes and a very unconventional one in communication with student and candidates. We are certain that the tool we have designed will help Pomeranian University get back its large-scale popularity, also outside the region.