A design studio focused on branding and visual communication.

We have been responsible for projects of various sizes since 2009. Together with our clients we work on their brands’ development by introducing simple solutions and bold ideas.

Creating consistent and engaging visual communication requires a thorough research followed by transforming its results into creative solutions.

UX Design / Content production / Art direction / Creative development / Animation & Motion design


We use IQ as well as EQ. Instinct as well as Insight. Clarity of judgement as well as the courage of conviction. By combining these elements, the brands we build have life.


We are passionate creatives and technologists committed to bringing contemporary brand experiences to life.


We don’t look at just one aspect of a brand. We consider the whole experience. How a brand looks. Speaks. Behaves. Feels. Dreams.

Marcin Zgórski

Managing Director

Izabela Bojanowska-Guz

Project Manager

Mateusz Kaźmierczak

Marketing Manager

Marek Guziński

Managing Director / Creative Director

Marta Zarzycka-Kawałko

Graphic Designer

Marcin Jakowczyk

Graphic Designer

Paulina Szczepańska

Graphic Designer