OURSAFETY.INFO – a free COVID-19 information system

Oursafety.info is a unique project for us, as its lion’s share was created in March 2020, during the total lockdown. The streets were empty, you could only leave the house alone, special shopping hours for seniors were introduced, service points were closed and the number of customers in shops was radically reduced. People under 18 were not allowed to stay alone in the public space. Hotels, shopping centres, hairdressing salons, offices and restaurants were closed. Even access to forests, parks, boulevards and beaches was limited and borders were closed. The whole world held its breath, and so did we. But the stagnation lasted only a moment and, for the home-office team of Rio Creativo, the first weeks of the pandemic became the most intense project period in years. We were pulled out of this temporary standstill by Charles Kasprzak who appeared in Rio along with an idea for a universal graphic system for COVID-19 prevention.

The coronavirus pandemic has been a really strange time for us all. We are facing, and will continue to face, fear and uncertainty about our own as well as our loved ones’ health, about our jobs, about the future. We had to change the way we function every day, reorganize our work, education and childcare. Crises are always a test of interpersonal relations, including those with clients. We do not know when we will go back to our “everyday life” and whether normal life as we know it will return at all. We cannot predict how the situation will develop, we do know, however, that we succeeded in creating a unique project together.

And despite the fact that currently individual countries are defrosting their economies and significantly loosening the restrictions, the situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is still developing dynamically. The number of infected people is increasing, which paralyses both social and economic life around the world.

We have been keeping a close eye on the situation and following the development of the pandemic worldwide. Based on the experience of other countries, as well as on reliable sources (such as WHO, Ministry of Health), we know how important it is for everybody to know the safety rules.

That is why we created a complete collection of information on coronavirus prevention, including hygiene rules and daily procedures. These materials may become an effective weapon in the fight against the pandemic, protecting not only the company’s crew but also the local community. We have developed and implemented a system of over 50 graphics and pictograms, translated the instructions into the language of visual communication to make them understandable for everyone.

We also created an employee package containing safety information, the most important contacts and procedures, masks with instructions for use, and even colouring books for children bored with quarantine. The packages could be distributed in physical form to the employees or sent via email.

Oursafety is addressed to people responsible for public life as well as those in charge of production plants, factories or shops.

The materials are available at www.oursafety.info, where they can be downloaded and printed free of charge.



Drawing on our own experience, we developed recommendations concerning the formats, materials, methods of assembly and infographics. We also recommended supporting local businesses by commissioning the production and assembly locally.

The first company to use the system was Milarex – a food processing plant employing almost 2000 people. The procedures introduced and the  educational campaign helped to continue production when, a week before Easter, two employees were diagnosed with coronavirus. Early implementation and documentation of the procedures ensured that a minimum number of people had to be quarantined, and the educational campaign contributes to the fact that to this day there are no new cases (as of 18.06.2020).

As we are writing this post, life seems to be returning to normal and the restrictions are being lifted – despite the increase in the number of infections. We must learn to function in the pandemic-stricken society and nobody knows how long it will last. We believe that by following the rules, we reduce the risk of infection and have a real impact on human safety.

We already know about dozens of companies, institutions and educational establishments throughout Poland that use the Oursafety infographics. This list includes schools, kindergartens, carriers, institutions, hotels, gyms and private businesses. The system is universal so it can be used in any place where interaction between people takes place.

We are doing this project pro publico bono. Infographics are available in 6 languages now, but in the future there will be over a dozen of them, including Asian ones.

The originator of the educational campaign and the owner of the www.oursafety.info website is Charles Kasprzak – a visual communication specialist and a member of the board at Milarex.

If you have any suggestions or in any way want to help develop Oursafety – write to us.

Marcin Zgórski