Branding isn’t individual work

Designing brands and working on their development is a responsible task. Being aware of the depth and complexity of the mechanisms shaping them is key in our field. Especially today, when constant change, flexibility and ability to adapt define what effective brand management means. The time of old, rigid rules for making a brand stand out has gone by. The range of tools at our disposal poses new challenges in front of us. The other side of the agency-client relationship has also re-evaluated its goals and methods. Clients have become more demanding and aware. That’s why branding will never again be individual work. Each stage of brand creation and the development of each of its aspects need to be a result of teamwork. Because brands are for people, and people should be the ones to design them.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution

In Rio, we are well-aware of the importance of teamwork and we especially accentuate its role in branding. The diversity and multidimensionality of our tasks make each new project a challenge. Its effective execution often depends on a novel take on a problem at hand. Brand creation is a process, which undergoes constant transformations. As a result, we cannot rely on the patterns and mechanisms developed over time. And this approach, which allows for different clients and business fields, led to creating a unique collective. Each day we learn how essential and effective the involvement of the entire team can be in the branding process. This engagement lets us verify our ideas before we perfect and implement them. This way, our projects get the chance to mature, which is extremely productive in terms of image-building.

A strong team gives you a competitive edge

In our work, we strive to satisfy our clients’ needs, execute their vision – and we do it for a purpose. To do so we need not only intuition, talent and subtlety but also abilities such as analytical and strategic thinking as well as courage. We must remember that the real strength of a team lies in the diversity of its members, not the similarities between them. More points of view and diverse thought trajectories are a straight way to increased creativity, bolder ideas and, in time, groundbreaking solutions.

By having different interests, opinions and outlooks on the world, but working together,  we are able to inspire and motivate one another. Each and every one of us has a different approach to the topic at hand and is a specialist in a slightly different area of expertise. All the above elements are a huge asset and give our projects the necessary depth, which makes it easier to stay above water and reach the target audience.

It’s more interesting this way

Setting aside the strictly professional aspects, working in such a versatile environment is simply more fun and interesting. We can surprise one another and learn something new every day. By building relations we broaden our horizons and learn to listen – which, in time, gives us the ability to screen our ideas and more confidence in their execution.  In such an interesting environment, we also tend to be more alert and keep our minds sharp, which facilitates creative work.

Let’s build a team

In the process of assembling a team, a beautiful portfolio and the panache and scope of the projects listed on the candidate’s CV are not as important as the kind of person they are and the way they think. The biggest asset candidates can contribute lies in the new elements they bring to the team.

Michael Jordan was right when he said that „talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”. There’s a rule which says that if you persuade the crowd, you will persuade individuals, and it rings especially true for branding. It’s better to do it in a team – and a good one.


Marek Guziński